Queen Victoria Itinerary 2024
Hamburg, Germany to Kiel, Germany
June 24 July 17 2024 - 23 Days World Cruise V821D

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Cunard Queen Victoria World Cruises QV 2024
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CUNARD Queen Victoria
World Cruise Cunard Queen Victoria 2024 World Cruise Ship QV, Queen Victoria Boat Cruise 2024 World Cruise Cunard - Queen Victoria QV Restaurant 2024
Date Itinerary Depart
June 2024
24 June 2024 Hamburg, Germany Embark
25 June 2024 At Sea
26 June 2024 Alesund, Norway In Port
27 June 2024 At Sea
28 June 2024 Akureyri, Iceland In Port
29 June 2024 Isafjordur, Iceland In Port
30 June 2024 Reykjavik, Iceland In Port
July 2024
01 July 2024 Reykjavik, Iceland In Port
02 July 2024 At Sea
03 July 2024 Torshavn, Faroe Islands In Port
04 July 2024 At Sea
05 July 2024 At Sea
06 July 2024 Southampton, United Kingdom In Port
07 July 2024 At Sea
08 July 2024 Hamburg, Germany In Port
09 July 2024 At Sea
10 July 2024 Copenhagen, Denmark In Port
11 July 2024 At Sea
12 July 2024 Sweden In Port
13 July 2024 Helsinki, Finland In Port
14 July 2024 St. Petersburg, Russia In Port
15 July 2024 St. Petersburg, Russia In Port
16 July 2024 At Sea
17 July 2024 Kiel, Germany Disembark
Cunard 2024 World Cruise
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